Thursday, 20 November 2014

Using Buy•ology by Martin Lindstrom to inspire (part 2)


Buy•ology part 2

There's a part about how your subconscious associations with brands help to define your decisions on purchases. In terms of estate agency and the frequency of repeat business (once every few years at most) then I think this may be diluted, but creating a slick, classy and modern brand to compete against a town full of old-world, not changed for 30 years estate agents will probably start to set me up in the right way. When people make a decision of what estate agent to invite round for a market appraisal then the new glossy agent, plus any negative experiences with the current choices, will stand me in good stead to begin with. It's then up to me to step up to the plate and follow this up with service levels that will get word of mouth to back up what the subconscious connotations are suggesting.

Lindstrom also looks at marketing based in fear, particularly from drugs and general healthcare companies. I think there's probably a way of using this in estate agency, but once my brand is established. The fear of not getting the best possible price or best service by using the competition, involving a little humour may work as an advert.

I found the conclusion that visual stimuli work much better when accompanied by smells or sounds.  Thinking that a consistent, strong after shave just before entering a property and a video presentation, accompanied by relevant sounds - birdsong is a proven winner.

There's a refute of the long-held analogy of "sex sells" and this is replaced by "someone like me sells." People are more likely to buy when they associate with the person in the advert -"he/she is just like me." Well this goes for selling homes also, if you are selling a family home, then your likely buyers will be a family. You have to make your home look, feel, smell and sound like a family home - who better to create this than your family? Ensure it looks like what your potential buyers expect it to look like.

This links in with a property marketing idea I have had before - telling the story in the currents owners own words. On the market appraisal, I will ask-

Why did you buy this property?
What do you like about your home?
What's your favourite room?
What would you change if you could?
What features could you not live without?

These will be the drive behind my marketing content for that property, as it's real-life testimony for what that property does and his it makes someone feel.

Surely marketing doesn't get any simpler or effective than that? 

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