Sunday, 16 November 2014

Using Buy•ology by Martin Lindstrom to inspire (part 1)


Buy•ology by Martin Lindstrom is an interesting read and has some areas that could be useful to estate agents.  Even if there are things in there that once pointed out, make you go "I knew that," the object is to do more than just know that - it's to turn these subconscious known facts into conscious actions that will help you in your job.

When talking about travel agents being more successful if they smiled, well the same goes for estate agents, and probably even more so. A positive experience (as in smiling and happy) in showing someone around a home or conducting a market appraisal will more likely result in a sale than a staid experience, however professional the staid experience may be.

There's a section in the book about mirror neurons and how the brain reacts when we see something or someone "cool" or desirable. The reaction is to want to own the cool stuff or be like the desirable person. This triggers the "buy" impulse. In terms of estate agency, I'm thinking that instead of the age-old analogy "less is more" that an analogy of "more is more" may be more appropriate. Obviously depending on who the viewer of the property for sale is, the desire to be like the occupants should be a driving factor in triggering the "buy" impulse. So, for example, a young couple about to start a family will want to see an idyllic family home when they view. We're always told that photos of the occupants are a no-no, as the viewers will want to see themselves in the property, not the current owners. However, photos of the family group together will be aspirational in this instance. This brings me to a regular conclusion of mine-

It's your job as the estate agent to fully understand your customers - especially the viewers.

In the short chapter about religion, Lindstrom emphasises the parallels between religious doctrines and the unambiguous goals of companies, as mission statements.

It is important to have a clear mission for your business, as all of your activities should go towards the achievement of this goal.  Although it needs work, my goal for my company is "become the leading estate agent in my town by providing distinct, innovative marketing and customer service levels not usually associated with estate agency."

What's yours?

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