Sunday, 15 October 2017

Setting up Mystery Shopping Tips - my new website

I have been working over the last week in setting up a new website. Those of you that have been with mew from the start of this journey will know that I set up my startup blog as a journal of my own business. As it has grown into something very different to the beginning (an estate agency) I have started to look for more outlets for my work and other income streams. One thing I have a lot of now is content. I found Blogger fantastic to begin with, but it is now starting to fade away as a tool and I need to find other ways of making the most of my content.

Mystery Shopping Tips is the first step in this direction, where I take my content and transfer it to a new format. The idea is to find a new and more relevant audience for my content and engage people in a better way than I have been able to with Google's Blogger. Mystery Shopping Tips takes already-existing content (of mine) tweaks it for SEO and then delivers it to the website. It allows me to build a subscriber list, connect to new people and get the word out there.

What changes?

Well, to begin with, there are several changes on the site. The old URL has gone and been replaced with something that looks and feels more like what I want. We used to be at blogspot.mysteryshopping and now the address is - a much better URL.

The website has been designed for me online and looks a lot more professional. I wanted something light and easy to navigate and my seller has really done this for me. I can't recommend him highly enough. Check him out if you need a good website built quickly.

The content has been assessed from its old space to the new in terms of readability and how it performs with SEO in mind. The old website has been around for a few years, so the content might not be as up to date as I would like. The new website has taken all of this into account and feels better. There are different sections so it is easy to work around -
  • Why mystery shopping?
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Become a mystery shopper
  • Make money
  • Contact Details
  • Projects
All in all I am incredibly pleased with the result and look forward to moving the rest of my content across one by one.

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