Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Free Postcode Lottery shows all the signs of startup success that you might want to follow

I love to feature positive stories on my blog. It shows my readers that a great idea implemented in the right way can lead to success. In today's blog I will look at Free Postcode Lottery and it's rise to success, but first let's look at the growth of a startup success story.

Getting that idea and putting it out there effectively are essential. This is the very essence of startup business. If you have a great idea, then this is often the beginning of it all. Many startups are borne from frustration at not being able to buy something they need, or imitation of a successful model used by someone else. These are both viable ways to market. But they need to be backed up with the right implementation. Just having a  great idea isn't enough - I know this from my time as a writer.

It isn't always easy to take a basic idea and mould it into something that is ready to go to market. You might have hurdles to jump over and can often become disheartened. But if your idea is a great one then you can get through all of this and take it to success.

Use the help of others to gain success

In my blog I have often looked at using your skills in your specialised area, and letting others use their skills to help you. If you are not a great marketer, then use a marketing company to help you reach new customers. if you don't have a law degree, then get someone else to make sure you are legally sound in all aspects of your business. This allows you the time to do what you do best. It also boosts the potential of your product because you buy in expertise that will support you on this journey. Too many startup businesses try to control costs and end up losing quality.

I met someone recently at a networking event who was all about keeping costs to an absolute minimum. I'm not saying that you should spend frivolously, but this guy went around the room asking what he could get for free. He had a very good business idea, but I bet that unless he changes the way he views his business, the result will be that someone else will have the same idea and overtake him pretty quickly. Success is all about knowing when to spend ad when to hold your cards close to your chest.

A website that is growing in popularity

Free Postcode Lottery has developed from a few followers to a website that is now seeing hundreds of thousands of hits and giving away thousands of pounds every day of the week. In terms of the way a successful startup develops, this hits all the right buttons -

  • It is a great idea
  • It has been well implemented
  • The website owner is a techy guy and dealt with all the coding
  • It grew legs when it was marketed via sites such as MoneySavingExpert

The premise is simple. You register with FPL using your postcode. Then you click on to the website every day (some recommend twice per day) and see if your postcode has come up. The prizes range from £5 to over £1,000. Unclaimed prizes roll over.

For the website owner, the premise is simple too. Get as many visits per day as you can and then reach out to advertisers. they love websites that have active visitors, and the way it is structured the advertisers will see visitors come back every day of the week, and the numbers keep on growing.

Check it out today and see if it is for you.

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