Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Why you need to give away everything you have

Yes, it's true. To succeed in business you need to give away everything that you've got. Leave nothing behind, turn out your pockets and give it all away.

Because essentially that is what content marketing is all about. All the knowledge and information that you have gathered over the years needs to be turned over. You need to give away your trade secrets, the way you do your work and all (well, nearly all) the things that set you apart from your competitors. That is what content marketing is all about. You create engaging contend that your readers appreciate, benefit from and come back to again and again. This sets you apart from your competition in many ways and helps you to attract more traffic. And it works!

By sharing the knowledge you have about the industry you work in people start to look up to you. They see you as an authority in your field and come back to you for more information. They subscribe to your emails, they check out your website when they want clarification on something and they follow you on social media. You become the go-to guy or girl. It changes the way you and your company are seen. By sharing the knowledge and experience you have you can generate a following that leads to business. Even though you have given a lot away, it doesn't mean that you have given everyone else the skills and time to carry out what you do. There will still be a huge number of people out there that will need your services.

Something else that content helps with enormously is where your website sits on the search engine rankings. Google and the others love fresh new content that matches what their users want so you can win big here. By delivering engaging content that hits all the right key words and phrases you will move up the relevant search rankings. Your content will show in many different places do make sure that it fits the searches you want to appear on and make sure it is engaging as well.

Traffic breeds sales
The more traffic you generate through your SEO work and the following you generate by being an authority the better. You will find that more traffic means more sales. The people that you drive to tour website by producing relevant content will be there for a reason so your overall sales and conversion rate will increase if you can deliver what you promise. If your content is relevant to the industry that you are in and useful to the reader then the people that arrive on the pages of your website will be in the market for your services. Wow them with your content and you will see your success soar.

Giving away all you know is easy. Your knowledge and experience are in demand. Don't hide it away. By giving what you know there are new customers to connect to and new markets to enter. Your content will drive you and your business forward.

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