Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The six areas where your website needs to sizzle

When it comes to your startup business it pays to have a great website that attracts new customers to you. A great website will be your shop front on the interest and can do wonders for your new startup business. But you need to get it right. A great website doesn't have to cost the earth but there are some key areas where it needs to sizzle. Here are the 6 planes that you just have to get it right-

6- Your domain name
This is an easy one to overlook but it is crucial for a startup business to be found. There are many places they will sell you a domain name for a small cost in the first year, and not much more after that. Your domain name needs to sell your business. A great domain name is the difference between being clicked on or not. Something simple but catchy that lets the passer by know what you are about is perfect for a startup.

5- A logical layout
You will have worked hard to get potential customers to your website so when they arrive you don't want to confuse them with your layout. A startup business thrives (and even survives) on new customers so you need to make sure that once they hit your we page they can clearly see what you are about. Avoid jargon and make it easy to navigate around your website. This will make it easier for them to do business with you.

4- Looking great in all devices
People will access your site from their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone so you need to make sure your wesite looks great on all platforms. You will probably need the help of a developer to make sure of this but it is worth the investment because you can lose customer for your startup business if they can't interact with your website on their device.

3- Your contact information
It is absolutely crucial that your potential customers know how to get in touch with you. Don't be one of these companies that make it difficult to contact them. Give as many ways as you can for your customers to get in touch-

  • Email
  • Contact form
  • Telephone number
  • Fax (they still exist!)
  • Postal address
  • Social media addresses

The more ways people can get in touch with you then the more likely they will be to do just that.

2- The images
Words are great to get up the SEO rankings and explain what your business does but what really captures traffic is quality images. You can get great stock images that bring your stsrtup to life or use your own. Either way make sure that they are high quality and that they push your brand forward.

1- The content
The content in your website needs to serve two purposes. Firstly it needs to tick all the right SEO boxes to drive you up the search rankings. You want people to find you (that's the whole point in having the website) so make sure your content does this. The second thing your content needs to do is convert traffic into sales. Your content needs to be engaging and compelling so you can get your startup moving and generate sales.

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