Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Trying to get my website set up has been more of a struggle than anticpated

Setting up my own website has been a little more fiddly than I thought it would.I bought a domain from www.1and1.co.uk because it offered a simple process and the prices were really competitive. I searched for a while before choosing the domain name that worked for me.

And I thought that was all I needed to get a great WordPress website built from my favourite website of all - fiverr.com

So I set out to get my website made and then I found out I needed hosting (I really had no idea what this was) so I went back to www.1and1.co.uk to buy the hosting package to help me with all I needed.

This package just sat in an account for days and days. It was not the same account that the domain name sat in and I found it weird. Every time I tried to access it there was a message saying "locked." I thought it was just the start of the registration process and it would take  awhile to set up. The domain took a few days to come through so I was not unduly worried.

After a week I had to make a call to the company because I was seeing no progress and my WordPress website developer had run out of time to deliver.There was a problem with the confirmation on my account (the 2nd account) and that was why it hadn't changed from the "locked" status.

Thankfully it is all now resolved and the WordPress site designer is going about his work. The website will be designed over the course of the next few days. This is just a short note to keep you all updated with the progress that has been made and I will be back in a few days when the website has been fully put together so that I can show you the new website. I'm excited!

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