Saturday, 25 June 2016

The top five key relationships every startup needs to sort out

When you set up your own startup business there is so much to do. In the early days you have so many things spinning around in your head and sometimes it is difficult to focus on where to start. This is the guide for the startup owner so you need to know the key relationships that you need to start with first-

4 - Your web developer

In this day and age every business needs a presence on the internet. Even if your website just carries a little information about you and how to get in touch it will help your business. In the days of Wordpress you can get a quality website that functions well made for very little.

Your website will help your business reach out to more customers and is a constant presence that will gain you sales  even when you are sleeping!

3 - Your bank

It is so much easier to keep an eye on your business finances of you operate a separate business bank account. You want to be able to see what is coming in and going out so having all of this in a different place to your personal finances really helps.

There are as many options as there are High Street banks for the startup business owner. Look for the ones they offer free business banking as an introductory offer because this will help you keep the costs low in the early days.

2 - An accountant

Just ahead of your back account of the relationship you develop with your accountant. You need to know that you have registered as self-employed properly and that you know what you have to record. You want to keep your books in order so they are ready for the tax returns at the end of the year.

Look locally and speak to others around you so that you get to know the accounting that others are impressed with. I've recently shared my experience with local accountants here-

1 - Your customers

The people that you most need to develop a relationship with are your customers. Without them you will be nothing as a startup business owner. In the first few days, weeks and months of a startup this is usually tough. But my having everything else in order you will be able to concentrate on marketing your business.

Use your website, use social media and get the word out there. The success of your startup may just depend on it.

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