Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Become immortal - appear in a novel!

This is a unique opportunity to become immortal! I am giving people the chance to appear as a main character in my upcoming novel. You can choose the name and five characteristics of one of the main characters in my crime/detective novel that is due to be published on the Amazon Kindle store later this year. You can be a part of history!

The roles that are available are-

The detective at the heart of the novel
The killer that the detective faces
The sidekick of the detective that helps solve the crimes
One of the victims

It is a great chance to help an up and coming author to get their book out there!

It is a Kickstarter campaign and the money raised will mainly go to finding a published and marketing the book. I expect great sales from this as time goes by. It will be on a similar style to the books of Jo Nesbo and I expect a great response from them.

How about being able to see this as a best-seller or made into a movie and say to your friends "that's me!"

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