Sunday, 28 February 2016

A fast and free temporary email address in 2 easy steps

At '245 days …' I like to take a look at all sides of business that can affect the average startup. Clear lines of communication are very important to you being as efficient and effective as possible, especially in the early days of your new business. One of the problems I constantly encounter is that of spam. As soon as you register with a new service, give your email address to a new site or sign up for more details you can very quickly be inundated with spam in your email inbox.
Spam is unwanted and in most places unwarranted. It is a drain on time and resources. Even if you can identify it immediately and click trash every time it still takes up valuable time that could be spent on far more productive activities for your startup business. You do not want to be dealing with this day in, day out.

But what are the solutions? How can you resolve this ongoing problem? What is the side step to deal with this?
A temporary email address from EmailOnDeck solves this problem for you. Gone are the days when everyone had just one email address. By getting hold of a temporary email address you can put this problem behind you. If you register for new services they you are not sure you will use again or have to input your email address to get further access from a website then try a temporary address from EmailOnDeck. These temporary email addresses are free to register for and are accepted on any website or app. It can change the way that you and your startup operate online because it gives you a little more freedom when entering your email. Don't be afraid of clogging up your business email with useless spam any more. Click away and learn whatever you need from your excursions on the Internet. You won't regret it two days later with an inbox full of junk.
It is a fast and free temporary email address in 2 easy steps.
There are other reasons that people regularly use temporary email addresses. Some don't want their web activity to be tracked by their email address. By having your temporary email address attached to your visits on certain websites you can avoid the spam, advertising and tracking that goes with it.
For the startup you will work your way through many websites to begin with. Doing research and requesting more information from a wide variety of sources can mean unwanted email traffic towards you. By getting one or more temporary email addresses you can search, browse and request to your heart’s content.
I think that there are many small changes they you can make that will add up to a big difference when it comes to your startup business. Using a temporary email address can save some vital minutes every day. And what's more it is free and simple to set up. Try one today and you may find that it helps you to manage your time.

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