Friday, 10 April 2015

Thinking about photography and marketing photos


I've been continuing my photography, even though the course has finished. It's my intention to carry on with Level 2 Photography and develop both my skill and my interest in photography, as a means of expressing myself and for the intention that I originally set out to achieve - to be a better photographer for my eventual estate agency clients.

I'll slow you some of my photographs from recent days and hopefully look at how this transfers across to estate agency photography-

This was taken a a botanical gardens and is a close up of a cactus. The idea was that I wanted to accentuate the patterns and repetition of the surface of the plant. Although the photo is basically the same pattern repeated, it doesn't render it boring or irrelevant. I want to be able to create a similar effect when I'm photographing the repetitious patterns of brick in the outside of a house. Whether it's using a close up like this, or ensuring that there is enough contrasting colour and texture for the brick to stand in it's own, I don't want the pattern of bricklaying to become boring to my viewers.

I took this near to sunset yesterday, to capture the quality of the sky. For those that don't know, it's called the golden hour and the time in and around sunrise and sunset creates really beautiful looking skies. This can provide a great backdrop for your property marketing photographs and this is the perfect time of year to capture it.

This is all about structuring a photograph and I've used the leading line of the fence to guide the viewer into the picture. I've also tried to split the image into horizontal thirds, to keep a solid structure and have the image as balanced as possible. In my marketing photos, I'll want to try to keep the outside shots of the property as structured as possible to have one third foreground, one third property and one third sky. It really keeps the composition of the photo solid and straight and I want to achieve this in my marketing.

I've included this last one to show how I've used reflection to enhance the image. There will be a few occasions where this is useful in property marketing, such as properties with ponds, if you are taking photos when there is standing water or reflections from bright surfaces.

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