Saturday, 14 March 2015

A new website will bring a fresh impetus and possibly a small income


One of my major concerns with starting a new business is the lack of income in the early months. With the best will in the world, it will take 3-6 months to complete on the first house, and longer than that to garner a regular sale income.

The next step for me is to set up my own website. This will incorporate three main areas and I hope become a tool for estate agents and budding estate agents.

A channel for my blog
I will use the website as a further channel for my blog. It will differ in terms of being a fully metatagged and SEO-optimised version of the estate agency blog I write and will help to gain readership for what I have to say, my tips and ideas. I want to be able to reach a large an audience as possible and I think that a lot of that will come by bring as multi-channel as possible. I will have links from the blog to the website and vice versa as I think the format will be different and the website will contain much more than just my blogs. I will still need to add Amazon and Google advertising to the website to help in it's sustainability, as I will be regularly updating the content and this needs to be managed, checked and edited. The website will also regularly feature excerpts from my self-published Kindle books and a further forthcoming book.

A look at the latest news
I'll provide links to news on national, local and estate agency website. I'll look at news affecting the while economy or market on sites like the BBC, specific industry news from the likes of Estate Agent Today and any local property news that may interest my visitors. With sometimes my own views on whatever is making the news and some reporting and writing current and relevant news and comment articles myself. I think that a combination of straight linking to the news that other reputable sources report alongside some articles reflecting on the news will provide a balance between comment and content.

Training for estate agents
The third and final element that will be present on my website will be training resources, mainly aimed at those that are aiming to join the industry, with some content that established agents can access as new techniques or refresher courses. This will not be on the site immediately as it will take a little time to adapt my current content into a remaining course, and it will be built behind a pay wall with email contact for assistance during the teaming course. It will take a similar form to a lot of online courses, where once you have access to the courses materials you can study at your own pace and how time allows you to proceed.

I'm hoping that this will be a successful development in terms of my blog and everything that surrounds it and provide me with a small income as I start with my estate agency business, which may possibly have to wait until a while after the 245 days have run.

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