Thursday, 19 February 2015

245 days may not be enough


I started this journey lay year with the intention of opening my estate agency in 245 days. Even though I've dropped a couple of days a week at my job, I don't think that 24 days is long enough for me to achieve what I set out to do. Because I have been working full time and taking on several other projects for so long, things have just stacked up behind me and it's taken up a huge amount of my time to start to get things back to where I want them. The jobs needed to get the house in a shape where I can leave it have mounted up and will take several full days to pull round. The mystery shopping I do comes out of its own account, so I can keep track of my progress. This has not been kept on top of, so there's a deficit there where there shouldn't be. This Mainly comes about from conducting mystery shops at restaurants and taking more people with me than the payment covers. For example, a mystery shop company offer me a job that pays a £35 fee and I take 5 other people with me and the bill comes to £60. Even though I've earned a £35 fee, I'm £25 down. This has stopped and I'managing to get the account back in credit. Mystery shopping companies generally pay you a month or so after you conduct a shop, so it can take a long time to turn the debit into a credit and it's taken a lot of shops to get back to where I want to be.

I listened to an interview with the author Emma Healey on BBC Radio Five Live a few weeks ago. She said that you succeed by concentrating your efforts in one area. Trying to do many things at once will only dilute your time and your efforts and leave a poorer result in everything. I have decided that once I have handed in my final project for my photography course in 3 weeks time, I will concentrate on my writing. This will be my blogs, my book on buying a home (which is half written but needs editing and made to look like more than a list of words) and then to start my creative writing course. All of this means that 245 days will be stretched out a lot further than originally anticipated, but overall I think that the effect will be hugely positive-

I will have a (small) income from book sales that will help me through the leaner times. I already have a book published on kindle and this generates me a small monthly income.

I will develop my writing skills for my website, marketing and property listings. I know that under the Property Misdescriptions Act I can't make a property listing a work if fiction, but being able to describe better and connect with my reader will only assist my vendors to sell their home.

So it's around time to submit my final project for my photography course (blog on the way) and then concentrate on the writing. You'll probably see the days counter at the start of each blog move well into the negative numbers, but it's all for a reason.

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