Sunday, 28 September 2014

Healthy body as well as a healthy mind


Thinking forward to Christmas and beyond, 239 days into the future, I think I'll be so busy (hopefully) and quite stressed (hopefully not) that I won't be concentrating in myself and my health. To preempt this, I've decided that a diet, and back out running will get me in good shape beforehand. Hopefully, I'll keep up the running during the business and it can be a release from the stress and tension of the day.

I go running at around 6am, when there is little traffic, so I can just run and concentrate on nothing else. I like to have a podcast on my iPhone when I'm running, something like Money Box, The Infinite Monkey Cage or a football podcast.

This helps me to 

Unwind - football
Be creative - Monkey Cage
Think about the business - Money Box

I'm not completely new to running, I was quite a good runner in my youth (double county champion at the steeplechase) and I completed my 2nd Great North Run, only 3 weeks ago (admittedly 19 years after my first Great North Run.) I think that the 6.5 miles I ran today is a steady distance to be running regularly, as I attempt some level of fitness and to lose a couple of stones.

As with everything on my blog, I'll keep you updated of my progress.
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